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You can search for answers to frequently asked questions in our FAQ Database.  You can search by Department or by Keyword or by both.  Because some questions may appear under different departments, the best option would be to select “ALL” for Department and then search using a keyword. 

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Garage sale online permit problem.9/22/2008WebsiteView
How can we address an eyesore in our neighborhood?9/22/2008BuildingView
How do I get a variance for setback for pool?9/22/2008BuildingView
Why don't we post the status of "boil water notices" on the City's website?9/22/2008City ManagerView
Are people required to hook up to utilities?9/23/2008ComplaintsView
Can trees be planted in right of way?9/23/2008GeneralView
Can trees be planted in swales (right of way)?9/29/2008GeneralView
Can you check possible gang activity in our area?9/29/2008PoliceView
Can basketball hoops be near the street?9/29/2008Code ViolationsView
How can I dispose of old paint buckets?9/29/2008GeneralView
What can I do about a sinkhole in the swale?9/29/2008StormwaterView
Can the City stop speeders on SW 26th Street?9/29/2008RoadsView
Where is the GIS mapping service located now?9/29/2008WebsiteView
Can something be done about the standing water in our swale?9/29/2008StormwaterView
Does the City test well water for residents?9/29/2008UtilitiesView
How do I get a refund for cancelled Parks class?9/29/2008Parks & RecreationView
Are landowners required to maintain vacant lots?9/29/2008Code ViolationsView
How much money has been spent to support irrigation water projects?9/30/2008FinanceView
Is there a place on the website where I can find code violations on properties?9/30/2008Code ViolationsView
What are the laws for charter boats?10/1/2008Code ViolationsView
How do I set up new services (cable, phone, etc.) as a new resident?10/1/2008GeneralView
Can I plant native plants on a vacant lot and still have City mow the lot?10/1/2008GeneralView
Why is lane closed on Santa Barbara?10/6/2008RoadsView
Can you run a fishing charter from a residential property?10/2/2008Code ViolationsView
How soon will my water be turned on?10/6/2008UtilitiesView