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FAQ #214
TitleHow do I complain about a barking dog?
Questionwhat can be done about a dog that is left barking for long periods, 30 to 60 minutes? How do I file a complaint?
AnswerCity code reads that it is unlawful for: "Any animal to make unreasonable disturbing noises, including, but not limited to: barking, howling, whining, screeching or other utterances causing annoyance, discomfort or disturbance of the peace or sleep of a reasonable person(s)." Please note the terms "unreasonable" associated with the noise of the animal and "reasonable" associated with the reaction of the human. If you believe the barking is "unreasonable," you might want to call the police non-emergency number (574-3223) to report the problem and ask for your district resource officer. Or you can call Lee County Animal Control (533-7387).
Answered On1/5/2009
Requested On1/5/2009