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TitleWhy can boats be parked on a property but not an RV?
QuestionI would like to know why homeowners can have boats of any codition on there property, but I can't have a r.v on my property. I dont want to live in it,I want to do repairs on it. This is very unfair to the people of this city.
AnswerThe City parking restrictions have specific guidelines for parking boats and RVs. Neither boats nor RVs can be parked in the driveway continuosly. You can park the RV in your driveway for loading/unloading/cleaning/repair for a 48-hour period. You have to get a permit to do so (free), and you can call Code at 574-0613. Boats must be parked in the rear yard or garage.
Answered On5/8/2012
Requested On5/5/2012
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