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TitleHow can we address an eyesore in our neighborhood?
QuestionA half-built home in our neighborhood is an eyesore, a hurricane issue, and potentially a mold source for neighboring houses. It appears it's been recently purchased from the poor bank that ended up with it. What options exist for getting it torn down?
AnswerWe would need more information about the property before we can determine if it meets the conditions for demolition. It would have to be in very dilapidated condition with little optimism that code violations would be addressed. If the person who purchased the home plans to complete the construction, then the City will give them the opportunity to do so. We would much prefer that the work be completed than the City spending tax dollars to knock it down. If you have more questions, let us know. If you have an address for the property, we can check the status.
Answered On9/22/2008
Requested On9/21/2008
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