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TitleCan trees be planted in right of way?
Questionwhat if any are the codes for planting trees in the swale or right of way in cape coral? i see trucks in neighborhoods selling and planting palms daily??? are they legal?? if not the public needs to be informed. please advise.its costing everyone money
AnswerThere are specific restrictions about planting trees in the right of way. For homeowners, it is best advised to avoid planting anything in the right of way (swale area) of their front lawns. In general, there is no planting allowed in the right of way (i.e. swales). The details are available in Land Use Article 5 section 2. To read the section, go to our Codes and Ordinances under "Laws and Codes," and go to the Land Use regulations, Article 5.
Answered On9/23/2008
Requested On9/23/2008