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TitleWhat can I do about a sinkhole in the swale?
QuestionI have a sinkhole forming in the center of the swale in front of my house (1112 SE 31st Street, in the neighborhood behind Hooter's on Del Prado). The sinkhole is about 6 feet from my driveway, but right in the centerline of the swale in line with the storm drain at the edge of my property. It's about 1 foot in diameter on top, about 2 feet deep, and about 3 feet in diameter at the bottom of the hole. I turned on the sprinkler system to check for broken pipes, but there was no signs of any leakage or any pipes in the hole. Is this something that the city is responsible for or should check out? Or should I just go ahead and fill it in and see what happens next? Thanks, mike nelson (239-247-0819)
AnswerPlease use our "Request Service" option in the Support Center to submit a request for City staff to check out the problem for you.
Answered On9/29/2008
Requested On9/25/2008
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