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TitleCan the City stop speeders on SW 26th Street?
QuestionI live on SW 26th St between skyline and santa barbara...speeding and people cutting thru hasnt been bad because of utility work BUT paving is today and in the past people go over 8omph thru this area. It is posted a 30mph who do I need to contact to help get this problem under control! There are children walking and riding bikes in the area and 99% of traffic thru here is speeding. Now with the road getting paved I hate to see something happen. Its like a drag strip for people Ive seen them use it as a short cut to Veterans pkwy.
AnswerI will send your concerns and request to the Police Chief's office. We will see if we can have a targeted traffic enforcement effort along the street. Please remember, though, that once we leave an area of focus, it is only a matter of time until drivers pick up speed again. We cannot have police officers there at all times.
Answered On9/29/2008
Requested On9/25/2008
CategorySpeed Limits