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TitleCan I plant native plants on a vacant lot and still have City mow the lot?
QuestionI own the lot at 117 NW 17th Pl. I would like to enhance it with some native trees and plants but I am concerned they will be mowed during the city lot mowing service. Is there something I can do to prevent this or should I not even bother planting anything? If it is OK to plant, can you suggest where on the property I could plant so as to not interfere with the future utility installation? Thanks. Britta Hanson
AnswerIf your property is in the Lot Mowing program, then it probably would be best to avoid planting anything of value on the vacant lot. These large mowers cannot navigate around "landscaping." You can opt out of the Lot Mowing program, but the lot must be maintained or it will be in violation of City code.
Answered On10/1/2008
Requested On10/1/2008