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TitleWhy is lane closed on Santa Barbara?
QuestionOn northbound Santa Barbara, a block or so before the entrance to the Publix shopping center at Pine Island Road, the left lane is blocked by barricades for about a block before the left turn entrance to the shopping center. It has been this way for months, long after all the construction has been done. I see no reason for this lane blockage, and it impedes traffic trying to turn into the shopping center. Will these barricades be removed soon? And....while driving in this same area yesterday after a deluge of afternoon rain, the city sprinklers were watering the median and causing ponding in the roadway! Collier county requires rain sensors to impede watering of residential lawns during rainy days, why is the Cape, with our water shortage issue, watering medians during rain storms?
AnswerThis temporary lane closure is necessary for the safety of the traveling public and will remain until right-of-way issues can be addressed in the immediate area. However, the entrance into the Publix Shopping Center remains open to northbound motorists traveling on Santa Barbara Boulevard. We do have sensors on some of our medians; however, we have found some reliability problems with them as well.
Answered On10/6/2008
Requested On10/1/2008
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