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TitleHow long are "precautionary" boil water notices in effect?
QuestionJust wondering how long is the average boil water notice? My parents got a boil water notice on Wednesday, and still have not recieved a notice telling them they don't need to boil any longer. and they can't get thru on the phone because the line is constantly busy. This is really a poor way to run things. The Utilities department should really post these notices on line no matter how many houses it effects.
AnswerPrecautionary boil water notices remain in effect from 48 - 72 hours depending on when consecutive samples of the water are clean. The Lee County Health Department notifies the City when the boil water notice can be lifted. If a notice is issued on a Thursday or Friday, the City may not be notified until the following Monday due to offices being closed for the weekend.
Answered On10/15/2008
Requested On10/10/2008
CategoryWater Service