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TitleWhat can I do about an abandoned home and overgrowth?
QuestionMy name is Francisco Rosas and I live on 1413 SW 30th Street.I have been living here for about two years now. When I moved in to my house I hade a neighbeor on each sideof my house. My neighbor at 1409 moved several months ago. The house has grass is about four feet tall. Who do I have to complain to to get the grass cut. This is non-sense he could't pay for his house, the bank owns the house or someone does and they don't want to take responsibilty for the house. Therefore, making the neighborhood look terrible. What is the code on how high the grass must be before it gets cut? Also since the grass is four feet tall, there is sevveral wildlife using the landscape for sheter. What can be done about this?
AnswerProperty owners are required to maintain their properties. If not, the City can cite them for code violations. The City has a program to mow improved, abandonded properties; however, that is a more detailed process. Please use our "Request Service" option in the Support Center to submit details of the property for our Code Compliance office to address.
Answered On10/15/2008
Requested On10/14/2008
DepartmentCode Violations